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D2R2 - roll your own ride

  • 102.0mi
  • 10,689ft
  • 6:47:13
    Moving Time
  • 6,079


  1. Paul Lohnes

    Great ride Doug!

  2. W G.

    Sorry I missed this looks epic

  3. Norm C.

    That was awesome.  Thanks Paul and Doug for putting together a good group of riders.

  4. Doug Jansen

    I was on the cusp of seizing up for the last 15 miles. Not everybody opted in on the Hill Junkie extension. Pennel Hill was tough, but surprisingly tame compared to last year due to recent rain. A great variant of the routes, almost as hard as the full 180k, but higher percentage of pavement. There was one impossible descent where I think everybody in our group on CX bikes walked.  Good stuff.

  5. Scott B.

    Almost everyone walked it.  Someone wasn't smart enough to get off.  

    Great day for sure.

  6. Dave F.

    I am cramping just looking at this. Wouldn't have been a Doug ride if you guys didn't have to hike at some point. "HJ" stands for Hilljunkie? Thought it meant something else!

  7. A C.

    Pennel was stiff.