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Gentlemanly Hill

  • 30.9mi
  • 2,561ft
  • 1:39:12
    Moving Time
  • 1,425


  1. Joe !.

    Gotta own the hometown roads :)

  2. Bill Woodhouse

    It's great to see you on Strava again. I know it's old news, but congrats on your TDF results!

  3. Jimmy Pesto

    You home to race SM100?

  4. Pax H.

    KOM fiend

  5. Jeff L.

    Ben, it was awesome to see you race into Breck at the Pro Challenge (especially after you earned the Most Agg for the stage. I was the dork who said "We're proud of you, Ben" as you jumped into the RV. Me and the guys also sat in the rain watching all of you finish your TT's over Vail Pass.

  6. Grzegorz Borsuk

    Very nice

  7. Guy B.

    My wife and I were riding the other way (slowly) and saw you on this ride. Fun to be on the same roads and same time as a TDF rider.