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Not plan at all, whole day big CF

  • 65.4mi
  • 6,969ft
  • 4:06:57
    Moving Time
  • 3,231


  1. David Penney

    Yeah, baby. What a great day to sit in a car on 495, both ways. Not to mention the monty python-like detours.

  2. Doug Jansen

    Yeah, 6hrs in car for 4hrs of riding. Not a good ratio. End state objective was achieved though: body depleted, mind purged.

  3. Paul Lohnes

    Nice one.. Made an omelet from Broken eggs. When we saw the bridge out sign I stopped to ask if it really meant "out" for everyone. Was told yes it was, so stayed left on River Road to start the loop. Actually pretty rolly uphill all the way to Kingsley. Oh well, you met you objective.

  4. Doug Jansen

    Funny thing was, Google maps wanted to route me over the bridge just a half mile north. There is a bridge there, but it is private, perhaps belonging to a utility co. A worker there said we'll have to turn around and go back up Monroe Hill, and "you might have to walk." Yeah, right. I told him we were planning to ride up Kingsley Hill. He just looked at us like we weren't normal.