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Nick 'Icarus' Clarke

Pitstonia, England, United Kingdom
  • 438
    Activities in 2018
  • 11,328.0
    miles Ridden in 2018
  • 407

RRA Pembroke to Great Yarmouth #Sidetoside Record - 15:25:00

Ride October 4, 2018
  • 351.1mi
  • 10,223ft
  • 15:06:27
    Moving Time
  • 10,443
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  1. Kristin S.
    Kristin S.


  2. John L.
    John L.


  3. Charlotte B.
    Charlotte B.


  4. Leigh S.
    Leigh S.

    Epic mate. Are you official classed as insane now?

  5. Ben T.
    Ben T.

    Would you have taken a more direct route?

  6. Lorraine A.
    Lorraine A.

    Amazeballs!! 🎉

  7. Richard G.
    Richard G.

    “Did you do anything nice on your day off?”

  8. Nick 'Icarus' Clarke
    Nick 'Icarus' Clarke

    Ben Thorn the start and finish points for the record are set.

  9. Ben T.
    Ben T.

    Im joking :)

  10. Malcolm Borg
    Malcolm Borg

    Well that was a good day Nick.

  11. Kirsty B.
    Kirsty B.

    Worth it for the KOMs 😂

  12. Julian Smith
    Julian Smith

    Decent days riding that. Epic

  13. Steve W.
    Steve W.

    Wow 😮

  14. Gary Dominici
    Gary Dominici

    What an amazing ride Icarus

  15. Grant Bateman
    Grant Bateman

    I knew him when he was shit!

  16. Fiona B.
    Fiona B.

    wow wow wow

  17. Sarah  ✨ H.
    Sarah ✨ H.


  18. Chris Manko
    Chris Manko

    Wtf!!!!!!!!! Amazing

  19. Heather B.
    Heather B.

    Amazing Nick! Congratulations 🙌🏻

  20. Karla B.
    Karla B.

    Hero! X

  21. Anneke P.
    Anneke P.

    Absolute legend. Set a goal. Make a plan. Reach that goal. Love it!

  22. Vicki S.
    Vicki S.

    Fantastic ride nick, you deserve it 👍

  23. Nathan W.
    Nathan W.

    Amazing well done 👍 Legend

  24. Samantha F.
    Samantha F.


  25. Amy S.
    Amy S.

    Super Nicarus 💪💪 Truly awesome!!

  26. Jenni L.
    Jenni L.

    Well done Nicarus, not a bad day's work x

  27. Tinchi F.
    Tinchi F.

    Bloody amazing new record holder!! 🥇

  28. Andrew B.
    Andrew B.

    Well done - glad to see all that hard work is paying off.

  29. Ricky D.
    Ricky D.

    Back on the bike again today I hope or having a well earned rest? :D Congrats.

  30. Nick 'Icarus' Clarke
    Nick 'Icarus' Clarke

    Easy spin today. Hemel Hill Climb Sunday

  31. Janice B.
    Janice B.

    Chapeau Nick well done indeed

  32. John Jones
    John Jones


  33. Rich H.
    Rich H.

    Superb effort - well done

  34. Michael Broadwith
    Michael Broadwith

    Reasonable effort. Should have pushed for a 14

  35. Mark W.
    Mark W.

    Excellent. Was watching your progress on my second monitor most of the day.

  36. Jean A.
    Jean A.

    People are going to start taking you seriously, . . . maybe.

  37. Mitchy www.contourcycles.co.uk
  38. Janet Berry
    Janet Berry

    Well done Nick. Amazing achievement! Xx

  39. Trevor Hill
    Trevor Hill

    Marvellously bonkers ;)

  40. Jon H.
    Jon H.

    Congratulations Nick! Helluva ride!!

  41. Ghost Rider. (.
    Ghost Rider. (.

    Fantastic effort.

  42. Dave Howe
    Dave Howe

    incredible effort, congratulations!


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