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DogMeat QueenⓋ

Cupertino, CA
  • 218
    Activities in 2018
  • 3,320.7
    miles Ridden in 2018
  • 113

Yes, we did!!!! Coe Hard Coe're!

Ride October 6, 2018
  • 43.7mi
  • 9,964ft
  • 9:03:31
    Moving Time
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  1. Cindy Shambaugh
    Cindy Shambaugh


  2. K Malpus
    K Malpus

    effin awesome!

  3. Ronski R.
    Ronski R.


  4. Ronski R.
    Ronski R.

    Should have climbed 36 more feet.

  5. Jill H.
    Jill H.


  6. Diesel D.
    Diesel D.

    Well done, DMQ...a tough one!

  7. Nancy P.
    Nancy P.

    What a great day! fun fotos!!

  8. Sherry M.
    Sherry M.

    Damn!!!!! 😁

  9. Jimbo W.
    Jimbo W.

    Superb. Congrats

  10. DogMeat QueenⓋ
    DogMeat QueenⓋ

    Thanks all, was hard!! I'm trashed today!

  11. DogMeat QueenⓋ
    DogMeat QueenⓋ

    Paul and Brian are the sick ones!!

  12. Stan Hooper
    Stan Hooper

    Wow! Hella ele!

  13. Janet Wagner
    Janet Wagner

    Huge accomplishment DMQ - you led us and rode up all the steepest parts while I pushed! Thanks for all the fun. I'm so glad we did it together!

  14. DogMeat QueenⓋ
    DogMeat QueenⓋ

    Indeed janet. I cant imagine not doing this with you!!! You rocked it all the way to the end!!!

  15. Brian Lucido
    Brian Lucido

    Thanks for keeping Janetito company all day and posting some great photos. Looking forward to seeing you and sorcerer next weekend; Time to recover!

  16. DogMeat QueenⓋ
    DogMeat QueenⓋ


  17. Barbara L.
    Barbara L.

    Wow impressive. You know what i would have said if I was there:”what we are only f’n here!” 🤪

  18. DogMeat QueenⓋ
    DogMeat QueenⓋ

    Yes Barbara, I'll never forget that!!!

  19. DogMeat QueenⓋ
    DogMeat QueenⓋ

    Or, "go that way with Paul, you'll love it"!


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