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Bob Steed

Gilroy, CA
  • 118
    Activities in 2018
  • 1,836.8
    miles Ridden in 2018
  • 79

Hard Coe're 40

Ride October 6, 2018
  • 41.7mi
  • 9,750ft
  • 6:15:36
    Moving Time
  • 3,630
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  1. bruce hanna
    bruce hanna

    Thanks Bob for concocting a brutally awesome torture test! Next year I will be ready, great riding with you for a couple miles👍👍

  2. Diesel D.
    Diesel D.

    Nice job and good to see you at the finish, Bob

  3. Stephan Hofmann
    Stephan Hofmann

    Great job, Bob. How did you like the route? That last climb and decent looks awful.

  4. Sorcerer 🅥.
    Sorcerer 🅥.

    Isn't it great? Heck yeah! Killer ride Bob.

  5. Bob Steed
    Bob Steed

    Climbing spike was brutal at the end with 9k of on the legs. I walked the steep lower portt

  6. Marc B.
    Marc B.

    That last climb is mostly was turned me off from doing Bob's ride. Plus I wanted to make sure to stop by Pacheco Camp! Impressive the turn out that Bob drummed up. Must have been 20-30 riders at 6:30AM in the parking lot. Have not seen that many people that early ever. Anyhow, kudos to you for being the flag bearer of the annual event. In the coming days, I'll update the web site and add this years results including the new 40 miler "singletrack special" and my 50 miler 1/2 Hardcoe're. BTW, I don't see any ride recorded on Strava for Brian L. Did you see him? Also looks like Chris K. ride did not map for the HC 100k. I looked into it, he took Spike Jones instead of Timm and therefore missed the HC100k 1st leg and Full HC100k.

  7. Bob Steed
    Bob Steed

    King KOMposch cleaned all of Spike, of course. Nice to finally meet Chris and good to see Paul again. The final downhill is awesome. Super fast E-ticket ride straight to the parking lot. Segment sponsored by Shimano brake pads.

  8. Sorcerer 🅥.
    Sorcerer 🅥.

    Hi, last weekend DMQ & I rode the 40 route until the Spike climb. (We omitted the climb because we ran out of time.)

  9. Sorcerer 🅥.
    Sorcerer 🅥.

    Hi, last weekend DMQ & I rode the 40 route until the Spike climb. (We omitted the climb because we ran out of time.)

  10. Sorcerer 🅥.
    Sorcerer 🅥.

    Whoops, let me try that again... anyway, going down Steer Ridge Road to HH parking lot is a wild idea. It's a hard core way to finish, that's for sure. This is the fastest way back, there's no denying it.

  11. Sorcerer 🅥.
    Sorcerer 🅥.

    So how about creating a new event... that's what I'm trying to say here...A Coe 10k TT, with certain rules, where each rider has to choose their own unique course, get at least 10k of climbing, starting from HH and finishing the cumulative 10k, including the 10k DH, anywhere in the park, not repeating any trail. Maybe a dumb idea. There once was a regular who would ride JDT and Middle Steer Ridge a bunch of times in a day. Those were fast 10ks of climbing, but very repetitive. So how about a Coe Point to Point 10k TT? Opens up a whole new way of looking at the park anyway.

  12. Bob Steed
    Bob Steed

    I was thinking a modified Everset challenge: get 29k feet of up any which way you can at Coe. Running or biking. Any trails you want in any combination. I would get a good podcast going and do 22 laps up JDT and down Steer Ridge. Maybe a runner would run up and down the Lyman Wilson wall a bunch of times. Winner is the first one to get 29k.

  13. Bob Steed
    Bob Steed

    Just did the math... 22 laps of JDT-SR is exactly 100 miles, lol.

  14. DogMeat QueenⓋ
    DogMeat QueenⓋ

    Great to meet you Bob! Thanks for keeping this alive and post ride treats!

  15. Bob Steed
    Bob Steed

    Likewise! It was great to see all the Hard Core Coe riders in one day.

  16. DogMeat QueenⓋ
    DogMeat QueenⓋ

    Indeed! We are out there ;)

  17. Brian Lucido
    Brian Lucido

    Bob - great to meet you out there. Thanks for spearheading the event this year. Also, majorly cool that you stayed out with warm beverages for all the final finishers.

  18. Alexander Komposch
    Alexander Komposch

    Great riding with you ! SOLID Ride with how much prep time you had on hand!
    I forgot already how much I cursed you about putting Spikes Jones in at the end...
    Thanks for the beer and company after the ride... and caring about all the HardCOEre participants !

  19. C Singleton
    C Singleton

    Nice Job!


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