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james hayden

London, United Kingdom
  • 225
    Activities in 2018
  • 15,735.1
    kilometers Ridden in 2018
  • 2062

Day 6

Ride September 7, 2014
  • 252.7km
  • 4,087m
  • 11:02:00
    Moving Time
  • 6,159
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  1. Charles B.
    Charles B.

    Supported ride? Are you camping rough again?

  2. james hayden
    james hayden

    Rough/ campsite. More campsite so far. And no, touring with 10kg worth of gear in front panniers. https://flickr.com/photos/75089447@N07/sets/72157646662303167

  3. Charles B.
    Charles B.

    Amazing! Enjoy. You're just about to ride through the Alps...probably on the same sort of route I did. Make sure you do the Izoard. I hope you've got a triple for some of those big HC climbs with 10kg of kit.

  4. Zachary Bredemear
    Zachary Bredemear

    Impressive! Be good to see a picture of the bike loaded up.

  5.  Jesse Yates
  6. james hayden
    james hayden

    @zach Don't really take photos of bike, as it's just the bike. But took this before leaving home. I did spend a lot if time making sure bike was just right though, and it rocks. http://flic.kr/p/p86mYP

  7. Zachary Bredemear
    Zachary Bredemear

    Thanks. Splendid bit of packing!

  8. Charles B.
    Charles B.

    James, I find that if you add a gate to a photo of your bike a choir of angels sings. Everytime. FACT

    Discs. Good choice. How do you find all that weight on the front, especially when descending?

  9. james hayden
    james hayden

    I sit far behind the bb so it gives a very good distribution. I'm 70kg and with 10 on the front and 8 of that low down it handles real good. I could out decent roadies no issue. Especially with discs. Want hydraulic discs now!

  10. Charles B.
    Charles B.

    I've never used discs. Joel says they're amazing. I'm gonna borrow his bike sound to try them. Enough of the comments. Go explore France! I love lake Lausanne

  11. Steve A.
    Steve A.

    Epic Tour James well done mate :)

  12. james hayden
    james hayden

    Thanks Steve mate!


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