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508 Part 1: Living the Dream

  • 278.2mi
  • 15,658ft
  • 16:04:37
    Moving Time
  • 12,297
  • 577
    Suffer Score


  1. Adam B.
    Adam B.

    Awesome start Chris. How were you feeling through this? Was this at your target pace going in?

  2. Chris O.
    Chris O'Keefe

    I was on target until the bottom of Townes pass and start of DV flats. I was holding 4th place for about 200 miles until Wade Baker passed up Townes which for me was a stretch goal. All system go great. Then power tanked due to rookie fueling mistake (hindsight 20/20) so lost all power. I imagine it now like being in a diabetic coma wandering around. It seems so silly, but I literally stopped eating carbs, yet my stomach was fine. So, first 240 miles were solid A racing for me. Then it dropped into D until halfway up Baker. Finished in the B's. Overall, 36 is great for me, though, as I never really tried to race these in past. Was always just survival. I got a good lesson in what happens when your pushing hard that first 15 hours.