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Pine to Palm 100

  • 98.2mi
  • 19,551ft
  • 17:56:04
    Moving Time
  • 11:26/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 14,402


  1. Bob Shebest

    Got a low-battery alarm 50yds from the finish. ;-)

  2. Jonas Oppedal

    Congrats on the win Rob!!

  3. Gareth Williams

    Congrats Bob! Super impressive to win two tough mountain ultras in one summer! Hope your recovery goes well.

  4. Scott Dunlap

    For the win!!! Congrats again. Awesome to see you there.

  5. Jorma Gates

    Congrats on a solid run and great win! 2014 is your year :)

  6. Tyler Symcox - Sports Basement Santa Rosa

    Soooo badass! I literally didn't know that it was possible to run that far

  7. Dario Z.
    Dario Z.

    Congrats Bob, this is awesome!

  8. Bob Shebest

    Thanks fellas. What a blast!! Gareth - how did Wasatch go? I got wrapped up in the school year starting and forgot to check in to see how you did.

  9. Eric Walker

    You're an animal Bob! Congrats on a great racing year---much deserved after all the smart training.

  10. Luke Garten

    Great run Bob. What watch did you use that lasted the entire time? Did you use it at TRT100?

  11. Bob Shebest

    At 65 I didn't put on my fresh 910XT (Chris was breathing down my neck!). Surprised the watch lasted to the finish. Meanwhile, my iPhone is dead by noon everyday...

  12. Sean G.
    Sean G.

    Didn't get the chance to meet you, but congrats on a great race and the win.

  13. Gareth Williams

    Wasatch was a beautiful course and a great experience thanks! I struggled a little in the middle but managed to finish strong, exceeding my goal and getting finished in sub-24 (23:23). The altitude training that included the TRT training runs definitely helped. I hope your recovery is going well!

  14. Bob Shebest

    Awesome Gareth. Cross that one off the list. Congrats!!