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10/13/2011 Kentfield, CA Marincello/Bobcat/Miwok/Tennesssee Beach fun

  • 27.6mi
  • 2,442ft
  • 2:19:13
    Moving Time
  • 849


  1. Victor Z.
    Victor Z

    Great seeing you too! Small world out there. We're so lucky to be able to ride on such a beautiful day. This is the best time of year isn't it? Hey seeing you today I think You've inspired me to want to get a cross bike! Looks like fun. Do you like it better than a mtb?

  2. Tanya F.
    Tanya F.

    I must say I don't ride my mtb anymore. The cx bike is lighter and goes on almost anything I'd take my mtb on. I like it because it's versatile...I can cruise from home and feel like I'm on my road bike, and then hit the hills like it's my mtb! The cx races also look hysterical (I'm hoping to do at least one this year)! I'm thoroughly enjoying mine, and actually using it more than I ever thought I would! Have I convinced you yet? : )

  3. Hans G.
    Hans G.

    Nice, you made it to Marincello! Preview of what is to come for the rainy Monday rides?

  4. Victor Z.
    Victor Z

    Thanks Tanya. I see what you mean. I don't mtb much either because I usually don't feel like riding it on the road from my house and I almost never want to load the mtb in the car and drive somewhere. So it's always easier to just jump on the road bike. Yes the lightness and versatility sounds great. And There are so many trails in Marin that are perfect for it. Of course on a cx I suppose you do still have some limitations. Like climbing up Middle Green Gulch, or descending down Miwok to Tennessee Valley, or parts of China Camp and Tamarancho. You can't really do anything too technical right? Anyway thanks for the tip. I think I'll check it out and arrange to test ride one some time. I'm also interested in a light carbon hard tail 29er. I'd really like to try one of those too. I've been told I'd like it a lot better than my old standard 26er.

  5. Tanya F.
    Tanya F.

    Victor, I did descend down Miwok today to Tennessee Valley...no problem! And I'm quite skill limited! Yes, sometimes super steep climbs are difficult only because there are less gears. I've ridden all the way to the top of Tam (but not down), and certainly if I can do it, you could do it. The light carbon 29er sounds like fun too. You should definitely try both. I'd love to hear what you think afterwards!
    Hans: Rainy Mondays for sure! Maybe even sunny ones, too ; )

  6. Victor Z.
    Victor Z

    Tanya, That's a good one too, but I actually meant the other Miwok descent on the opposite side of the valley. That's where I went down yesterday and I think that descent is probably a little too steep and bumpy for a cx bike. Of course I'm sure the experts could do it. Will definitely let you know after I try both. :)


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