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Jamie Woodward

Gloucester, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
  • 34
    Activities in 2019
  • 400.8
    miles Ridden in 2019
  • 63

KISS Europe Race (A) Battered!

Virtual Ride November 15, 2018
  • 25.3mi
  • 1,644ft
  • 58:20
    Moving Time
  • 922
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  1. Chris Bell
    Chris Bell

    Hi Jamie, it looks like you had fantastic race, well done with all your achievements, great KOM and cups 😎👍I hope you won with them stats matey, RIDE ON 🚴

  2. Jamie Woodward
    Jamie Woodward

    Haha, finished 32nd 😂 top 10 had 8 Zada approved riders in. I stayed with them for 2 laps but on the flat I was having to put out around 5w just to stay in the pack! I'm just too light to hang with those high watt riders on the flat courses. Good work out though. Pushing 9wkg up the reverse KOM 3 times in a row is just not going to happen 😁

  3. Chris Bell
    Chris Bell

    I didn't expect that reply matey 🤔 although it sounds you were up against some strong competition, so well done for mixing it with the ZADA riders for 2 laps 👍 I have been averaging 5W/kgper race lately so I have to get it confirmed, do you have a power meter on your road bike? 9W/kg even once up the reverse KOM bud is epic 💪I neef to work on my sprints 😲 take care and RIDE ON matey 🚴

  4. Chris Bell
    Chris Bell

    I have just been on my Zwift account Jamie and I don't have any ZADA requests now, I now have 2 x CEVA Z requests instead, what does that mean? 🤔

  5. Jamie Woodward
    Jamie Woodward

    They have changed their name yesterday

  6. Jamie Woodward
    Jamie Woodward

    It was zwift anti doping agency, but now it's something equipment verification agency. Same process etc

  7. Jamie Woodward
    Jamie Woodward

    Your requests are going down everyday. Wait a week and you probably won't have any 😂

  8. Chris Bell
    Chris Bell

    Good job I am patient then Jamie 😉 are they going down because the power levels are getting more consistent? Any thoughts on a power meter would be appreciated matey 😆

  9. Jamie Woodward
    Jamie Woodward

    Not sure why they are going down, they usually stay on until verified. I use a powertap C1 (crank) power meter which was £499 I think. Good reports about the 4iiii meters though and a lot cheaper

  10. Chris Bell
    Chris Bell

    Cheers bud, I was looking at the 4iiii meters, do they link to a smart phone or do I need a spcific cycle computer as well matey?


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