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Newcastle overnight

Ride November 17, 2018
  • 177.5km
  • 2,291m
  • 9:53:12
    Moving Time
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  1. Ashley Jobse
    Ashley Jobse

    Well done! What was the event?

  2. Matthew Harris
    Matthew Harris

    Yes. That was the Newcastle overnight

  3. Stephen Jones
    Stephen Jones


  4. joseph ni
    joseph ni

    Hey Matthew, good to see you made it, massive effort! Did you see the guy carrying the tree branch on the dark, wet stretch just before budgiewoy? Anyway, hope you had fun and maybe I'll see ya again next yr, thx for the excellent cheese :)

  5. Matthew Harris
    Matthew Harris

    joseph ni thanks! It was a great ride. Yes. I saw the naked guy with the tree branch. I should have stopped for a photo. Hehe.

  6. joseph ni
    joseph ni

    Mate, had I had the misfortune of running a flat there, i'd have hiked my bike on my shoulders and sprinted the next 10ks. There is no sane reason you could give for trotting in the dark, at 3am, naked, wet, shouldering a branch.

  7. Matthew Harris
    Matthew Harris

    joseph ni I like walking naked along public roads in the dark. Maybe he was like that too. :-)


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