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Andrew Cooney

London, England, United Kingdom
  • 30
    Activities in 2019
  • 529.4
    kilometers Run in 2019
  • 236

Recce of the Dragons Back day 1 part 1. Had to duck Tryfan due to ice so there was an unplanned road detour

Run November 24, 2018
  • 45.0km
  • 2,616m
  • 6:33:08
    Moving Time
  • 8:44/km
    Avg Pace
  • 5,365
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  1. Sarah C.
    Sarah C.

    Wow, well done

  2. Andrew Cooney
    Andrew Cooney

    That day was a bit nuts. 5m visibility from leaving Conwy and very icy. Should have go e in summer Sarah Cooke

  3. Katie Allen 💃
    Katie Allen 💃


  4. Jacqueline M.
    Jacqueline M.

    When is the race ?

  5. Jon Crooks
    Jon Crooks

    Fantastic Andrew! 👏👏

  6. Melanie C.
    Melanie C.

    That was quick.

  7. Andrew Cooney
    Andrew Cooney

    Thank Kate & Jon! I hope it's going to be warmer than that in May

  8. Andrew Cooney
    Andrew Cooney

    It's the 20 somethingth of May next year, Jacquie. Not that far off really!

  9. Andrew Cooney
    Andrew Cooney

    Not sure what to make of that Melanie - I missed Tryfan and the Glydders on one hand; one the other I added about 10km. I was around 2hrs ahead of the reccommended time at the road before Tryfan - probably too much. It was bloody awful weather though. Properly bleak and a whiteout on the tops

  10. Alex C.
    Alex C.

    Wtf - I had no idea. Lunatic.


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