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Page Mill Low Key Hill Climb

  • 8.2mi
  • 2,081ft
  • 42:03
    Moving Time
  • 620
  • 71
    Suffer Score


  1. Helen C.
    Helen Casabona

    Thanks Alan! I uploaded again and it looks like my segments got recognized.

    Another great day for Pen Velo at the LKHC!

  2. Alan W.
    Alan W.

    Are you OK I heard you feel you yesterday?

  3. Helen C.
    Helen Casabona

    Yea, I'm ok. It's embarassing more than anything else, actually. Near the end of the super steep part (we're talking about a ride up Bohlman, not Page, for any else who stumbles upon this comment), my front wheel just didn't want to stay connected to the pavement :-|.

    The worst part is that my iBike power meter fell off my bike but I didn't notice that until I got home - ouch!

    But thanks for asking!

  4. Alan W.
    Alan W.

    Yes it was brutally steep and I was not sure if I was going to make it up over the crest. I watched the video and that was showing gradients of 20-22% at that point. (It also shows me struggling as I was in front of the camera on that section).

    I have some spare time tomorrow so I will take a quick drive up there and see if I can find your ibike.

  5. Helen C.
    Helen Casabona

    Wow, thanks! As best as I can recall, I was right below a driveway to the right when I first had to clip out. Then the actual stumble was a bit further up (not sure how far). My memory is a jumble!

    (the iBike is white)