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Niall Todd

Drakewalls, England, United Kingdom
  • 3
    Activities in 2019
  • 64.7
    miles Ridden in 2019
  • 75

#Everesting Pt1, bulk of it before Garmin keeled over.

Ride September 27, 2014
  • 144.5mi
  • 24,123ft
  • 12:28:32
    Moving Time
  • 7,978
  • 402
    Relative Effort
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  1. Glyn Price
    Glyn Price

    Fantastic mate-not sure I could have slept not knowing whether you could get the data back or not.

  2. Niall Todd
    Niall Todd

    Niall Todd You're quite right, you should remain awake wondering how you'll fund your recently stolen Edge!  As it turned out, Edge altimeter blocked with moisture so it disables as a safety measure.  Dry it out, all well.  Lucky!

  3. Andy van Bergen :: HELLS 500
    Andy van Bergen :: HELLS 500

    It's fairly common to see the altimeter go a bit haywire when blocked by water. One of our rider's JVS uses a small plastic ziplock bag over the top of the unit which still allows airflow, but prevents water seeping in - naturally only for rides where the accuracy of the data is paramount! Either way, congrats on your entry into the hall of fame: www.everesting.cc/hall-of-fame

  4. Niall Todd
    Niall Todd

    Niall Todd Thanks Andy!! :-)   Oddly enough, from 0030h to 0700h it was full of mist and moisture, no issues....wasn't until the afternoon the Edge packed up, dry and sunny then.  All good lessons!

  5. Rush Tempo /.
    Rush Tempo /.

    Gobsmacked!  Way to Go!

  6. Steve S.
    Steve S.

    Great effort Niall


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