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Robin Hood half marathon! New PB!!

  • 21.0km
  • 1:19:09
    Moving Time
  • 3:48/km
    Avg Pace
  • 1,735


  1. Graham O.

    Great run TC.

  2. Anto (Team Beurre Tonne)

    On target Tim! ;o)) Congrats!

  3. Chris Spolton

    Fantastic run Tim! Well done after your less than ideal preparation :)

  4. Julie Bignall

    Wow well done Tim. An amazing run. Put me to shame!!!!!

  5. Tim Caldwell

    Thanks everyone, found that really tough especially after starting out too fast!

  6. Nic E.

    Awesome mate!

  7. Gary Fox

    Amazing effort Tim, well done on the PB

  8. Barefoot Teresa

    Wow! What an excellent run you had!

  9. Tim Caldwell

    Thanks Nic, Gary and Teresa! Felt like a big effort, chuffed with the time!

  10. Mike Wells

    Absolutely fantastic running Tim! So pleased for you, a massive achievement and a stunning time.

  11. Tim Caldwell

    Cheers Mike, appreciate your encouragement! Onwards and upwards! :) sub 17 5k is next on the list!!

  12. Connie A.

    Congrats!! Great work wohoo!

  13. Katie H.

    Congratulations Tim!

  14. Tim Caldwell

    Thanks Connie and Katie :)

  15. Kenno ..

    Great run, Tim!