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IRONMAN Chattanooga 2014 -- 1st Amateur -- I do so very love to ride my bicycle.

  • 115.9mi
  • 3,373ft
  • 4:49:02
    Moving Time
  • 4,409


  1. Christopher Borden


  2. Jess D.

    Way to go!!!

  3. Frank Diaz

    Only 4KOM's I'm pretty disappointed!!

  4. Van McCarty

    crushed it!

  5. Jason Williams

    Awesome Ride!!! Great work & Congrats! 

  6. Chad Williamson

    nice watts!

  7. Christopher Borden

    At awards they said it was the fastest amateur bike split by 13 minutes. 
    That's getting pretty dang nifty, fellas!

  8. Chris M.

    Nice ride and congrats on your win. What was your NP for the ride and w/kg based on that?

  9. Christopher Borden

    NP was 234w & 163ish lbs which puts me with a ~3.16 NP/Kg for the ride. 
    That's a whisker below a .7 IF
    If I'm honest, I really (i)'d out the last 45' and rolled back in with 200w. I got spooked when I rode into the back of the MPro field and started second guessing my ride. So I shut it down and cruised back home.
    Maybe that saved the marathon; maybe I just felt slightly better but would've ran the same. I've gotten better about dissociating feeling good and racing good.  Still a bad habit though. ;)

  10. Christopher Borden

    Race report: http://twobordens.blogspot.com/2014/10/iMCHoo-1st-amateur.html

  11. Josh Witt Lefevbres' & Wheelhouse

    so you get yoru kona slot for 2015?!?

  12. Christopher Borden

    Yes sir! Just got to make it worth the trip now!