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Bohlman LKHC and more

  • 28.9mi
  • 3,402ft
  • 2:01:57
    Moving Time
  • 1,199
  • 103
    Suffer Score


  1. Rich B.
    Rich B.

    Great job today! You scored lots of points for us, I am sure. When will you be climbing again? We might do all of them! You got about 7 QOMs today from your climb on Strava. Now, Brianne has to get back in shape to get some of them back.

  2. Rikke K F J.
    Rikke K F J.

    Actually, none of the QOMs I got today were "Bri's". Most of them only ever had 2-4 girls going up those hills - gee, I wonder why? ;) I am tempted to do the one over in Fremont next week now. It is actually only 30-something miles from my house.

  3. Jon D.
    Jon Degenhardt

    Nice ride today, very impressive! There's no way to make that an easy climb!

  4. P Dub (.
    P Dub (.

    Terrific climbing this morning Rikke...lots of crowns (or should that be tiara) to show for it!