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Ben Hoffman

Boulder, Colorado
  • 80
  • 1,156.6
    kilometers Run
  • 5197

Ironman Hawaii

Run October 11, 2014
  • 42.1km
  • 324m
  • 2:51:33
    Moving Time
  • 4:04/km
    Avg Pace
  • 3,758
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  1. Chad Krasnow

    Amazing run!!

  2. Jim B.

    Followed you all day. Excellent work.

  3. Bleu Cord

    You made the USA proud!!!!!

  4. Linda "Vander Cougar" O.

    So delighted to watch you come haling ass down Alli Drive for the podium. I can't push the KUDOS button hard enough!

  5. Chris Braden

    That was amazing to watch Ben!! Great job

  6. Strava A.

    Great race Ben.

  7. Josh Adams

    Awesome race! Good to see USA at the front this year.

  8. Duane M.


  9. Jason McGee

    helluva race, Ben

  10. Christopher Ginn

    Totally Awesome!!!!!!

  11. Steven Beeler

    You are the man! Awesome

  12. Jeremy H.

    Awesome race!!

  13. Richard Biocca

    That is bad ass!

  14. Gary Schoenhals

    Beast mode!!!

  15. Chris Soleng

    super kudos from Norway!

  16. Johan Fredrik F.

    Fantastic race

  17. Craig Stewart

    Epic - well done mate.

  18. cary blanco


  19. Ben Bostrom

    That was unbelievable B! I was drinking and doing a 24hr race for fun and following this from Pastrana land in MD. Kept me glued to the phone every chance I could check live timing. Congrats1!!

  20. 〽️ini F.

    Well done Ben, way to go man. Amazing run and racing all round  MF.

  21. James Johnston

    Awesome running mate and congratulations. Have you really run 1200 km in your current shoes? If you have, please don't tell my wife as I say i need a new pair every 600 or 700 km

  22. Paulo Randal Jr

    Congratulations! Amazing run!! I followed the Ironman! You was perfect!!

  23. Mickey W.