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Grizzly Ultra 50k

  • 51.2km
  • 1,299m
  • 4:52:16
    Moving Time
  • 5:42/km
    Avg Pace
  • 5,627


  1. Oleg T.
    Oleg T.

    Stefan, this is a very fast run, absolutely impressive!

  2. Pat K.
    Pat Kong

    Cashing in on the speed work!

  3. Stefan S.
    Stefan S.

    Thanks guys! Yes, it seems the speed work pays off despite the lack of volume this summer. But I also have to say that I ran out of steam just before 30k. Everything after was just mental ... Maybe at some point I will find the time to put in volume and speed work :)

  4. Jan P.
    Jan Plav

    Super! Looks like you can hunt mountains goats with bare hands.

  5. Mevlut K.
    Mevlut Kont

    It was great meeting you Stefan!

  6. Stefan S.
    Stefan S.

    Jan, you should have seen how scared the goats were! Hehehe :)

  7. Stefan S.
    Stefan S.

    Yes Mevlut, it was great to finally chat with you!!

  8. Brad D.
    Brad D.

    Wow! You were flying! I did the MTB race there on the same course last weekend - so I know what a tough run that would have been. Good work, Herr Machine!

  9. Vincent B.
    Vincent Bouchard

    Awesome run! Good job!