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Yuriy Galkin

Lubertsy, Moscow region, Russia
  • 110
    Activities in 2019
  • 763.8
    kilometers Run in 2019
  • 2736


Run January 11, 2019
  • 2.4km
  • 13:43
    Moving Time
  • 5:40/km
    Avg Pace
  • 200
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  1. Captain Montgomery Bagger
    Captain Montgomery Bagger

    Yuriy I really hope you get Banned!!! I have messaged Strava about you and your Friends. There are now a group of about 10 Russians all from areas near Moscow Trolling all the groups on Strava! I am pretty sure you started all this Bullshit. I am sure I saw start joining all these groups as far back as 8 months ago. Now all the leaderboards in the UK are being drowned in Russian runners who run over 100 miles a week but all have terrible PBs. There not even doing genuine runs. I am not convinced you are either. So your all getting all this Kudos for not even doing legit runs!?!?! This whole situation is even worse than I first thought.

  2. Udo Gerhardt
    Udo Gerhardt

    Hallo Captain You can - by invitation limited clubs - create.
    Athletes must apply for membership in invitation-limited clubs.
    Only admins can approve new club members. Current activities, club announcements, discussions and private group events are not visible to non-members.
    Would that be your solution? 👌😉

  3. Captain Montgomery Bagger
    Captain Montgomery Bagger

    Hi Udo - no we have gone through all that. It should not be necessary to make private all open groups. That would be a shame if all the groups on the platform have to all become private due to a large group of Russian Trolls who are joining every group Kudos Horing.

    Most people are considerate of there fellow Strava athletes and would not do this. BUT......there seems to be a group of people now that all competing to who can troll the most groups so either Strava bans these idiots or we are all going to have to make every group private. Which would be a shame. If some stupid Lefty runs your running group they would probably let these Trolls in anyway! I vote someone who works for Strava sees sense and bans all these Epic Ballbags!!!

  4. Udo Gerhardt
    Udo Gerhardt

    I can understand that.

  5. Udo Gerhardt
    Udo Gerhardt

    Yuriy Galkin Hello Yuriy, do you understand what "Captain" means?... You're a good runner 👍Greeting Udo

  6. Yuriy Galkin
    Yuriy Galkin

    Udo Gerhardt “Captain “ not a runner, he is a blogger. He didn’t run , for himself better sitting in chat and trolling someone

  7. Yuriy Galkin
    Yuriy Galkin

    Udo Gerhardt “captain “ like McGregor - can’t win but speak a lot

  8. Udo Gerhardt
    Udo Gerhardt

    Yuriy Galkin You do not always have to win everywhere. But you can run everywhere. 😉

  9. Captain Montgomery Bagger
    Captain Montgomery Bagger

    Yuriy I accept your challenge.!!! and I will WIN!!! I had no idea what you meant the other day about that McGregor comment. now I get it. Your other Russian riding off khabib's coat tails. He will loose eventually, weather that's to Ferguson, A rematch with Conor, Holloway moves up a weight division or the most likely scenario, he has a catch weight 165Ib fight with Ben Askren. Then will see your dagestani dog tap out like a bitch. Khabib has either faught Bums or people he matches up well stylistically.
    By the way McGregor is Irish Dummy, I am English. As a Englishman we are not used to your Cowardice. You still fear to answer the question why you have to be in everyone's Strava group and destroy the community. If it takes me a few weeks or a few years, I promise you Yuriy I will get you and your group of ballbag trolling friends out of the poor groups that are sickened by your presence. You a morally corrupt man Yuriy. "Nothing is as powerful as an Idea, thats time has come" - People are truly noticing all this trolling now. So your days and your gaylord friends days, teabagging all the groups will be ending soon. I will win Yuriy and so will the people of Strava!!!

  10. Борис Лошкарев
    Борис Лошкарев

    Бред! Юрий, хочется поддержать Вас. Бегайте в своё удовольствие и не поддавайтесь на это давление. Фотографии у Вас хорошие получаются. А темп бега при таком пульсе мне сороколетнему....... остается только завидовать😊💪. Удачи Вам!👍👍👍


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