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09/05/2012 Bournemouth, Bournemouth, United Kingdom

  • 97.6km
  • 944m
  • 3:05:04
    Moving Time
  • 2,451


  1. Andrew B.

    Great job commentating, spoke with Martin Fox today, San Remo amazing.

  2. Daniel Lloyd

    Thanks Leigh, been enjoying the commentary.

  3. Richard B.

    when can we expect to see you riding on strava again?

  4. Daniel Lloyd

    Unfortunately, probably never, I go too slow now after 6 months off!

  5. Jonathon S.

    Never mind, we can follow you on the telly instead! Are you covering any of classics?

  6. Daniel Lloyd

    I don't think so no - I'll be out at the Giro though.

  7. Gabriel Bush

    Do u ride round bournemouth regularly dan? Ive seen you driving once or twice but I havent bumped into you on the bike

  8. Daniel Lloyd

    Not much Gabriel.  Have moved to Ringwood now and might do some more riding here where it's easier to get into the smaller roads.