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Welch Creek for the money and Kilkare for the show.

  • 25.0mi
  • 2,657ft
  • 1:37:28
    Moving Time
  • 1,066


  1. John Blasquez Ariège Vélo

    Dude your an animal! WC 4 $$$? Your Mad!!

  2. J* Diesel*

    @JB - Like that? Ha Ha.

    You should come out Sat. and watch / ride / hang after the Low-Key Palomares w/ Kevo and crew.

  3. Jeff Wong

    Nice top 10...I have cramps just thinking about Welch Creek

  4. J* Diesel*

    @Jeff - Not so bad when the gearing is right. That doesn't mean it's easy by any means though.

  5. Sae Stunna' Mark

    LOVING IT! inspires me to want to go out there and do it to! Not really lol.

  6. J* Diesel*

    @Mark - I thought you guys did Welch a while ago. I don't see any times for you or Jeff though.

  7. Jeff Wong

    We did for some reason our times are not on there, must be a new segment

  8. Sae Stunna' Mark

    i believe it's cause we started at the tree or foot of the climb not right out the gate on calaveras road. and i think it was listed under different segment.

  9. Ramon P

    after doing this today, makes me realize how good this time is...major KUDOS!

  10. J* Diesel*

    @Ramon - That was when I had some decent legs. I could have gone a bit faster on a group ride. Got bored soloing on 25% gradient.