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Mmmm, phone GPS sucks.

  • 41.5km
  • 830m
  • 2:23:37
    Moving Time
  • 1,136


  1. Friar Nate King

    Actual ride was BST->River Trail->Jardine Juniper. The road section between the RT and JJ was pretty miserable.

  2. Christian Parrett

    no more zone 2 or die for the season?

  3. Friar Nate King

    'Tis dirt season now!

  4. Christian Parrett

    Vanilla face,
    send me your phone number, we need to do some planning for this trip to non-vanilla face land.

  5. Friar Nate King

    Thy will be done, your pastiness.

  6. Jered Gruber

    How is the camera? Hope it's working out for you ok.

  7. Friar Nate King

    You mean the one I still need to pay you for? DM me your email!

  8. Jered Gruber

    Oh right, of course. I completely forgot about that. I'm not kidding. haha. My email is safe for public consumption, especially Christian's. jeredgruber@gmail.com

  9. Jered Gruber

    Oh hell, not my email, the PayPal email...I'm an idiot.


  10. Christian Parrett

    hah be careful putting that in the public domain, someone might just accidentally paypal you money.

    Nate, you suck at phones, call me.