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25/10/2014 Rabbit Run

  • 63.1mi
  • 2,285ft
  • 4:22:23
    Moving Time
  • 2,026


  1. David Sundheim

    Goodness man! You continue to impress. While I respect the big bike more, I like this one more. The overall fluffy look is perfect. The two ears and hind legs tho, instead of single cookie cutter is the best part.

  2. David Taylor

    Thanks Dave, my personal favourite is still the Pony Ride I did last year. The bike was as much as anything about getting over 205 miles in for the Tommy Godwin challenge. 

  3. David Sundheim

    When was the pony ride express done... Even a link would be awesome, as I am keenly interested in all your strava album might contain. I hope to have a sweet Batman's face up soon I have it mapped just need a good day to it now. Keep em coming.

  4. Toby C.

    Fantastic.. well done!

  5. Cabot Lerue

    Killing it!

  6. David Taylor

    Dave, here's the link for the Pony
    and the Walrus
    I'll look out for Batman!

  7. Simon G.


  8. Gary Patterson

    excellent drawing!!!

  9. Jonas Bower

    Nice one David!

  10. Flavio P.

    Te sei un artista!!! Nice!!!

  11. Paul W.

    Keep up the good work :-)

  12. Simon G.

    David, my first effort: a camel, of sorts, problem is that I'm not an artist! http://www.strava.com/activities/212611448

  13. Hayley B.

    Do you do these on a road bike or cross/MTB David? This are awesome. I live in the forest and want to follow your route! I've had a go and making one, nothing as good as yours.

  14. David Taylor

    So far they have all been on a normal road bike, but a cross bike or mtb would have been better for this one! I had to go really slowly on the off road bits. Have fun.

  15. Hayley B.

    Thank you and chapeau!