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01/11/2014 Endurance w/ 2 hill efforts

  • 88.0mi
  • 4,927ft
  • 4:50:51
    Moving Time
  • 3,614


  1. Gerard D.
    Gerard Deehan

    good miles pal

  2. Ross M.
    Ross Malpass

    Cheers buddy!

  3. Andy W.
    Andy Whiteside

    Great Kom up Jeffers Ross. Won't mention Tinklers lane grumble grumble grumble... ;-)

  4. Ross M.
    Ross Malpass

    Think you did tinkers into a headwind though?! Fair play

  5. Andy W.
    Andy Whiteside

    Yeah it was into a (slight) headwind, although no one will believe Andy "tailwind" Whiteside would of done that hahaha. Still a great time from you Ross, even with atmospheric help I'd doubt I'll trouble your effort.

  6. Boz -.
    Boz -.

    Ross tell me thats not a zone 2 ride

  7. Ross M.
    Ross Malpass

    Hah yeah it was Boz, but obviously with those two efforts. I had a nice tailwind going out though so it was pretty fast even though it was zone 2. And in the hills it's very difficult to stick to power zone 2. I should probably go off heart rate really.