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01/11/2014 Endurance w/ 2 hill efforts

  • 88.0mi
  • 4,927ft
  • 4:50:51
    Moving Time
  • 3,614


  1. Gerard Deehan

    good miles pal

  2. Ross Malpass

    Cheers buddy!

  3. Andy Whiteside

    Great Kom up Jeffers Ross. Won't mention Tinklers lane grumble grumble grumble... ;-)

  4. Ross Malpass

    Think you did tinkers into a headwind though?! Fair play

  5. Andy Whiteside

    Yeah it was into a (slight) headwind, although no one will believe Andy "tailwind" Whiteside would of done that hahaha. Still a great time from you Ross, even with atmospheric help I'd doubt I'll trouble your effort.

  6. Boz -

    Ross tell me thats not a zone 2 ride

  7. Ross Malpass

    Hah yeah it was Boz, but obviously with those two efforts. I had a nice tailwind going out though so it was pretty fast even though it was zone 2. And in the hills it's very difficult to stick to power zone 2. I should probably go off heart rate really.