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LKHC Round 5 - Palomares + warm up / warm down

  • 36.3mi
  • 1,669ft
  • 2:15:19
    Moving Time
  • 1,164


  1. Sae Stunna' Mark

    atta boy JD! 4th overall, hella good.

  2. Sae Stunna' Mark

    you definitely should race a road race with us! not much different then what you are doing now at LKHC. you would do great!

  3. Sae Stunna' Mark

    maybe you, tom, and david could join us for the sea otter classic RR next year.

  4. J* Diesel*

    @ Mark - Thanks for all the kind words, bro. For sure I won't be 4th when everyone uploads. I'll consider Sea Otter but it depends on my form. I think Malo and Tom would like that a lot. I appreciate you making it out and lending some support. Very cool!

  5. Sae Stunna' Mark

    i gotta help you guys represent especially so close to Edens! i love watching people mash any ways so it was my pleasure.

  6. Jeff Wong

    Good Stuff wish I was there to cheer.

  7. Yihua He

    JD in action: http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6056/6293393016_b4314d9580_b.jpg

  8. Yihua He

    You clearly suffered according to this one: http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6057/6293397428_35a1497ba8_b.jpg

  9. J* Diesel*

    @Yihua - That's freakin' classic! Everyone will love that one. You'll know the feeling well at Mix Canyon.

  10. John Blasquez Ariège Vélo

    Nice tongue! You must make the ladies Happy!!!!

  11. J* Diesel*

    @JB - Just like Gene Simmons only better looking and with a lot less $$$. Ha Ha.

  12. John Blasquez Ariège Vélo

    Only if you could sing! lol

  13. Christy S.

    Wish I could have been there with ya Saturday!

    Nice pictures... ;-)

  14. J* Diesel*

    @Christy - You would have PR'd for sure and got us some nice points beside. Maybe another time...............when there's no soccer season.