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John Schilling

Queen Creek, AZ
  • 19
    Activities in 2019
  • 747.1
    miles Ridden in 2019
  • 474

Maricopa Trail Bikepack: DNF for X-Rays

Ride February 15, 2019
  • 23.1mi
  • 1,258ft
  • 2:35:39
    Moving Time
  • 1,358
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  1. Dennis W.
    Dennis W.


  2. John Schilling
    John Schilling

    Dennis Webb exactly. A ton of it too.

  3. Bart L.
    Bart L.

    X-rays? did you crash?

  4. mike 'GeekonaBike' kunnecke
    mike 'GeekonaBike' kunnecke

    This sounds bad

  5. John Schilling
    John Schilling

    Bart L. yep. See the 2nd to last pic. Small slimy puddle turning onto the Queen Creek Wash trail took me & Jason down. He's ok.

  6. B P.
    B P.

    Loving the personality

  7. Brian M.
    Brian M.

    I had a really bad crash on the scottsdale greenway near a golf course... same scenario... going around a curve and washed out on some algae

  8. Ron Thomson
    Ron Thomson

    Algae probably caused by run off from irrigation system that has fertilizer in it and promotes algae growth. You might need to get lawyered up John.

  9. Dan W.
    Dan W.

    Fracture? Sorry dude

  10. John Schilling
    John Schilling

    Dan Welker initial diagnosis is soft tissue swelling and no acute fracture. But if the pain persists, a second x-ray will be ordered. I'm holding out hope, but have a feeling it's not good.


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