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Mt Tam Hill Climb 35+ 1/2/3 3rd place

  • 18.2mi
  • 2,179ft
  • 1:00:59
    Moving Time
  • 878


  1. Greg McQuaid

    Weird, Strava has me one minute faster than the official results!?

  2. jacob berkman

    don't worry, i emailed support to have them add a minute to your time. nice job!

  3. Kenneth S.

    Great job! (official results were slower than what i clocked it at too)

  4. Paul van der Waal

    Great job out there, man! (btw -- Pirate is friggin awesome.)

  5. Carl Nielson

    Congrats Greg! Good luck at Everest!

  6. Paul van der Waal

    Oh, and btw -- I didn't time my ride today using Strava, but my old trusty Polar computer showed that my time was faster than the official time, too. By approx 10 seconds. (Either way, this will not be a race that I put on my race resume! Ugh.)

  7. Marty Hyland

    Awesome! Go with the best time. That's what I'd do.