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09/15/2012 Mt. Tam Hill Climb Race - didn't restart Garmin at beginning of race or end...

  • 21.8mi
  • 2,218ft
  • 1:29:44
    Moving Time
  • 765
  • 98
    Relative Effort


  1. faye steiner

    Yay Trish!!!

  2. Trish Pacheco

    Thanks, it almost didn't happen, I usually 'the queen of being prepared' discovered a sidewall slice, un-ridable and no spare tires 30 mins before the start. What a rookie mistake. However, Team Taleo to the rescue. I had a couple wheels offered to me in minutes and Paige the' fastest tire changer' around had me on the trainer and warming up before I realized it. Thanks to Bob Ebe for the wheel, and Dan Taylor for another option. I am a lucky gal to be on such an awesome team!

  3. faye steiner

    Wow, crazy! So glad you got a wheel, and Paige is the best! That must have been so stressful as if you did not have enough to be stressed about. You are awesome- major major props on all counts!!

  4. Jon B.

    nice Trish, 5th in your Cat., awesome.

  5. Laura T.

    Go Mountain Goat Trish!!! Yay! Great Job Trish, so strong!

  6. Shelagh F.

    Hi Trish! That's awesome! Congrats.

  7. Greg P

    Awesome race sweetie. You can do anything you put your mind to. You're going to do well on the mt d challenge :)