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Eric Triplett

Monrovia, CA
  • 69
    Activities in 2019
  • 712.5
    miles Run in 2019
  • 166

Humping it on hump day 🐪

Run March 13, 2019
  • 11.6mi
  • 2,247ft
  • 1:42:58
    Moving Time
  • 8:50/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,108
  • 96
    Relative Effort
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  1. Bullet P.
    Bullet P.

    What’s compex ?? Or should I have googled that one ??

  2. Katie A.
    Katie A.

    Yes... explanation of this magical potion please

  3. Eric Triplett
    Eric Triplett

    It’s an Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) device. Similar to what PTs or chiropractors use. Kind of weird to have your muscles contract involuntarily but seems to help Katie Asmuth Bullet Proof

  4. Katie A.
    Katie A.

    Sounds same as a TENS unit?

  5. Eric Triplett
    Eric Triplett

    Katie Asmuth it’s like that but this thing has programs that change the frequency of the contractions. So for the recovery mode it starts with very rapid “warm up” contractions and progresses to very slow pulses that feel like massage. The user is able to control the intensity so if it feels to strong or weak I can adjust that during the session. There are other programs to augment strength training or use as a warmup before a workout.

  6. Katie A.
    Katie A.

    Hmmm interesting!! Bring it next time so I can check it out!!


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