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11/04/2011 - Mix Canyon - Vacaville, CA

  • 20.7mi
  • 2,637ft
  • 1:22:08
    Moving Time
  • 1,029


  1. Rico Mundy


  2. Mark Anderson

    Wow.....I mean WOW!

  3. Mark Anderson

    Hey Brian, I have read about Mix and heard how hard it is. How would you compare it to Iowa Hill?

  4. Mark U.

    Great KOM, looks like it didn't last though - must have been an event out there today given all the new times.

  5. Brian Rouse

    Thanks guys. Mix is like climbing 1000 feet to get to the start of Iowa Hill and the last 1.5 miles or so is brutal. It's the only hill that made me seriously consider going to a compact!

  6. Rico Mundy

    Yes, Daniel Connelly, one of these fast guys had contacted me on Strava last week asking about Mix and Gates. Said he and some east bay climbing buddies were going out on Sat. to put some serious dents in the Strava climbing times. So I guess you got KOM for a day. I could show you some other climbs around here that would make a compact a serious consideration.