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05/11/2011 Mix Canyon Low Key and Gates Canyon Road (Diabolical Duo)

  • 54.5km
  • 1,618m
  • 2:51:59
    Moving Time
  • 1,492


  1. Christopher B.

    Jeez Dan, you are on a tear lately. Great riding!

  2. Daniel Connelly

    Thanks, Chris, but anyone who climbed those hills yesterday deserves to be congratulated. Those roads are mutant: inhumane, but very pretty. Gates Canyon has some dirt along the way, and we picked an unfortunate weekend because some of it had been torn up for road work, but what followed had very good pavement. A gravel road connects the top of the two climbs, but my narrow 182 gram tires weren't the right tools for that job.

  3. Rico Mundy

    Congratulations to you and the crew, you guys really tore up the climbs. Maybe you'll have to come hit some other mutant climbs I know of.