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09/21/2012 First Ride on a Fatbike. Thanks Phat Drew!

  • 14.2mi
  • 735ft
  • 1:35:27
    Moving Time
  • 749


  1. Sierra Goldens ∑.
    Sierra Goldens ∑.

    Nice. How did you like the fatty tires on the cobbles/stream beds and other stuff in Lopez Cyn riding to the overpass and back?

  2. Nick J. -.
    Nick J. -.

    Sierra G - All I can say is that I would ride that trail every time if I had even a fat front on my El Mar. No more bouncing around, no more sinking and spinning out in the cobbles and sand. It was not nearly as sluggish as I imagined for a 38 lb bike. I have seen fat bikes in the 27 lb range now too. Granted they are $5k and up, but for a bike that can go anywhere and go anywhere fast while not needing suspension, yeah...that might be a bike in my future. Still loving the El Mar, but may need to pop a fatty on the front in the not so distant future.

  3. Drew G.
    Drew George

    Thanks, Nick, I had a great time riding with you today!

  4. Nick J. -.
    Nick J. -.

    Yeah buddy, me too, lets ride again real soon!