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SF2 Legit Skyline with no breakfast :) Commute #78

  • 66.0mi
  • 6,194ft
  • 4:36:55
    Moving Time
  • 2,242
  • 322
    Suffer Score


  1. Corey B.
    Corey B.

    Thanks for calling this one! Great ride

  2. Ramesh B.
    Ramesh Baller

    Thanks for coming along. It is always nice to ride with a company on this route :)

  3. Jon S.
    Jon S.

    ouch!! That's an average 1.75% grade for 66 miles! y u climb so high? :-)

  4. Ramesh B.
    Ramesh Baller

    Yes, this is an awesome & my all time favorite commute route that I discovered recently which has some knockout sceneries of South Bay. There is nothing flat in this entire 66 mile route & the best views comes only when climbed high ;)

  5. Jon S.
    Jon S.

    I love that you're willing to go 10+ miles and 2,000+ feet out of your way for a better view! I'm not yet capable of that callous disregard for my quads, but after leaping from my 20mi record to the 40mi ride last weekend - I'm finding it a lot easier to empathize with your way of thinking!