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Salt To Saint 2012 (SOLO)

  • 430.5mi
  • 16,031ft
  • 24:50:49
    Moving Time
  • 14,800
  • 981
    Relative Effort


  1. Heidi Huntsman

    You are inspiring! Really proud of you!

  2. Stuart Anderson

    This is incredible.

  3. Tanner Coleman

    Two questions: 1) how did your butt survive 24 hrs sitting on the saddle? 2) Did you have to switch watches mid-ride because of the battery life? Nice job Rory! I was going to see if you wanted to do LOTOJA next year but that would be a joke compered to this.

  4. Rory Duckworth

    Thank Stuart and Heidi. Tanner I have never had a problem in the butt area yes I get saddle sore here and there but not that bad. I only wore one cycle bib never changed bottoms. I have the Garmin 910xt that says 18 hr of battery life so every few stops I would charge the battery for a 1-2 mins in the car by the end I only had 3% battery life left. The 910xt charges very fast like 30 mins full charge if that. Yes, wouldn't mind doing LOTOJA but the big groups scary me. It's nice just being on the road by your self sometimes or with one or two people.

  5. Mike S Russell

    Wow, remind me to congratulate you in person next time I see you at a tri. Very impressive. Even more so because you had a good cause.

  6. Rory Duckworth

    Thanks Mike.

  7. Troy H.

    Nice job winning the solo division AND killing last year's time by 2+ hrs. You need to get one of those little battery to USB chargers for these long rides. I have one and it will put about 50% charge back into my Garmin 310XT. Then you SAG can charge it back up. Since I was last place in the solo group I had plenty of time to charge things when stopped ;)

  8. Rory Duckworth

    My 910xt did a good job. I would say I lost 5 mins just to charge it but prob a good thing to take a break here and there. Nice job to you too on your finish.

  9. Stevie S.

    Dude, you are a badass animal machine. I'll see you at the crit dinner soon.

  10. Rory Duckworth

    Stephen Thanks. When is the Crit dinner?

  11. Stevie S.

    I think the Crit dinner is on Nov 1st, no time or place yet. Message me when it gets closer and I'll give you an update.