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Trek USGP Sun Prairie - 2nd place but I won something, somewhere...didn't I?

  • 26.6km
  • 353m
  • 1:04:23
    Moving Time
  • 714
  • 107
    Suffer Score


  1. Jon Labok

    tough sufferfest.. that's a first

  2. Tim Johnson

    yeah, kinda hurt...not gonna lie. I'll have my Quarq on there soon enough, then you'll see the #'s that REALLY hurt!

  3. Jon Labok

    my legs hurt just looking at it, awesome race man - grats on 2nd!

  4. Chad Smith

    Pegged for 1 hour. Damn. And guys like me actually PAY to enter races. Must be some kind of mental deficiency.

  5. Rory M.
    Rory M.

    Nice job, man. Great to see you in Vegas. You killed it.

  6. M M.
    M M.

    HR pegged! Git some! My HR looked like that this morning but I only made it like 5 miles, haha.

  7. Giancarlo B.
    Giancarlo B.

    Hey Tim, I was wondering what a TSS would look like to a CX race? Do you use your power meter on your cx for training?

  8. Johnny O'Mara_Team Baghouse

    Very impressive Tim!!!! Heard about Vegas also, Great job.

  9. P. Kelly

    you are killin cross this year...you coming to the Cincinnati cross series this year??

  10. curtis newkirk

    Great job...can't wait to see what you do as the season wears on