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lkhc hwy 9

  • 6.7mi
  • 2,125ft
  • 45:08
    Moving Time
  • 72
    Suffer Score


  1. Rich B.
    Rich B.

    K Stiv, you did a great job of doing a fast climb today. Congrats!
    You can see for most of the climb (the last 85%) you nailed your target HR and cadence. You are getting fit. Nothing fell off a cliff at the end and that's a great sign.
    Take a look at your one week point and that is your first 15% of the climb with super - duper cadence. That should be because you were stuck in too easy of a gear. That is either my fault for telling you to just stick with the little ring on the lower section or if you had more gears to shift, it is your fault for not shifting. Its great to learn from this because that ultra-high cadence over 90rpm (and especially over 100rpm) with major effort sent your HR through the roof early and that causes a lot of difficulty recovering. The earlier part might have been easier for you in a bigger gear. If it is my fault, I'm sorry for making you suffer. Okay, otherwise, it was an awesome climb for you and you get an A- (only because of so much rpm over 100 - if its my fault, you get an A and I get a B-).

  2. Kerry  S.
    Kerry S.

    We Can share blame..lesson learned. Bring on kings