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2012 Canary Challenge Century Ride

  • 96.0mi
  • 8,241ft
  • 6:22:16
    Moving Time
  • 3,525


  1. Mudworm ~.
    Mudworm ~.

    On Friday afternoon, two spots on Canary Challenge landed on us. Here is where being the non-planning type has its advantage -- we are available! A very fast and fun course (for the century), and we got the perfect weather for it too. And a fellow rider summed it up well for the ride support -- this is like the Ritz Carlton of the organized rides. Totally spoiled.

  2. Shred C.
    Shred C.

    I think you guys started from my work parking lot... :) Nice ride!

  3. Mudworm ~.
    Mudworm ~.

    Thanks! My first time on the campus. Nice surroundings -- I saw some rolling hills. It was a very nice ride indeed. Still smiling.

  4. Mudworm ~.
    Mudworm ~.

    We have our friends Jeanne and Iztok and their friend Frank to thank for the great opportunity. There were five rest stops on the ride, all extremely well stocked and staffed. I stopped at two. Loved the warm artichoke bread at the Pescadero station (they buy one fresh every 15 minutes). Almost aborted the ride there and then. Below is my post ride meal. I even got a token beer for celebration.

  5. Roy R.
    Roy R.

    If you rode the Hard CoeRe 100 you would be pushing us. Nice ride.

  6. Mudworm ~.
    Mudworm ~.

    If we were really hard core, we would have gone out tonight for some night riding. I really thought about that: 1) we didn't get enough footies today, 2) full moon is perfect for my first time trying out night riding, and 3) wanted to test out some lights. But instead, we watched Sherlock from bed. Finished Season II and let me just say I'm feeling tortured right now (but I still LOVE that series) -- should have gone out for the night (not really).

  7. Patrick H.
    Patrick Herlihy

    Awesome ride! See you both next week at Coe!