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Morning run and morning swim in the Back Bay

  • 26.2mi
  • 2:57:00
    Moving Time
  • 6:45/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 3,434


  1. Floris Gierman

    I brought a little Go Pro and will post a few clips in a bit

  2. Kurt Whittington

    So you ran a 2:57 marathon this morning to kick off the new year?

  3. Darin A.

    Sub 3 marathon training to start the year! Nice start!

  4. Paul Sinclair

    Way to go Flo!

  5. Strava A.

    Wow way to start the new year. How did you pace the run so well!?

  6. Bill Z.

    WOW. Sub 3 marathon. The 6:44 consistency is super impressive. Use beeps to keep you on track or Lap AVG? How do you feel now? HR looks good, just a bit above your MAF. Many props Flo, you are my inspiration in many ways. Great job bro!

  7. Rob S.

    Amazing to just go out and drop a sub 3 marathon as a "normal" training run.  Double kudos.

  8. David M.

    Wow, this is amazing. And you swam? How was the water? Great run, super impressive. I heard you are really into hr-based training. Would love to hear more about how you use it, sometime.

  9. David M.

    Looks like you had to work a little harder the last 4 miles or so?

  10. Joseph O.

    Awesome job! Great way to start the year

  11. Rich Roberts

    Wow Flo, that's an insane start to the new year! Fantastic and consistent marathon!! Very jealous!! ☺

  12. Scotty Rev

    What a dick.

  13. Fred van Schie

    Swim? In the back bay???

  14. Aris Cruz

    Awesome run!

  15. Kelley P.


  16. matt kafka

    Steady splits! Nice job.

  17. Floris Gierman

    Thanks guys, it was a fun one! I just put up a little video from this morning about marathon pacing strategies, watch settings, hydration, nutrition, race gear, battling tough spots, and much more: http://www.flotography.com/running-a-sub-3-hour-marathon-with-a-go-pro

  18. Floris Gierman

    Cheers Guillermo and Bill, I use the setting of average pace per mile to run even splits, the video I just posted discusses it in more detail. Have a good one!

  19. Marcelo マルセロ D.

    Very very good Floris!

  20. Floris Gierman

    David - the water was nice, there was ice on the road in the morning, so nice and cold. The last 4 miles had some rolling hills plus it was the end of the run so HR started going up a bit

  21. Floris Gierman

    Haha, shut it Scott!

  22. Floris Gierman

    Yehhh Fred, you should join next time!

  23. Anna R.

    So casual!

  24. Kurt Whittington

    I think it's pretty safe to say you'll run Boston at a faster pace than your qualifying time.

  25. Ricky Rosario

    you are amazing man!

  26. Floris Gierman

    Cheers guys! Kurt, I hope so, let's see what happens! Happy New Year mate

  27. Wayne Jones

    Just watched your video and awesome effort! Good luck in Boston

  28. Steve Frost

    Hi Floris, just watched your video. Awesome - thanks for some great tips.

  29. David L.

    Wow... that is an inspirational run!

  30. Floris Gierman

    Thanks Wayne, Steve and David, stoked to hear that. Have a good one! Cheers

  31. Yann Rictus

    I'm stun. You're so inspirational. The video is even more amazing than the 100 miler. Can't help thinking you're gifted though !

  32. Floris Gierman

    Wow, thank you Yann, I'm glad you enjoyed the video! Cheers

  33. John H.