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Ride Failed Power Profile Test - went too fast

Maksym Sladkov Jan 4, 2015

  • 1:33:25
    Moving Time
  • 42.3km
  • 27.2km/h
    Avg Speed
  • 178W Powermeter
  • 151bpm
    Avg. HR
  • 93rpm
    Avg. Cadence
  • Tacx Flow


Power Profile Test (Workout 9.C from the one and only Training and Racing with a Power Meter)

Lessons learned:

* Don't do the test with freshly installed Garmin Vector. These bastards need plenty of voodoo dancing before they start working reliably

* Jump sprints just do not work on the Tacx. Period.

* FTP estimates from the Power Curve and the CP model are typically higher than the real values. In other words - you are shittier than you think.

* Stay awesome. Try again on Tuesday.