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  • 36.5km
  • 1,053m
  • 1:41:58
    Moving Time
  • 677
  • 33
    Suffer Score


  1. Eric Lagier

    I like you even got KOM's when doing this

  2. Francis Luu


  3. Deborah Gallagher

    Ha-ha, that's terrific!

  4. Chris Phipps

    Actual ride was more like 60 miles, but I don't get credit for the extra distance I need to ride between the poimts I need to stop & restart my Garmin to draw a straight line through places I can't ride.

  5. Paul van der Waal

    Dude. Seriously. That's pretty damn good! Nice job, and go Giants!

  6. Cesar G.

    Without a doubt, you have a true affinity for drawing art behind handlebars! ;-)

  7. Benoit Bergeret

    So cool! Superb! Share it beyond Strava! :D

  8. Toby Long

    amazing...nice work chris!

  9. Leah T.

    Chris - what was the total time for this masterpiece? The 32 hours shown by your Garmin??

  10. Deborah Gallagher

    The more I see this, the more impressed I am with your creativity. WFD! Oh, and Go Giants!

  11. Carl Nielson

    Requesting an A's logo.

  12. Hans G.


  13. Mark Slavonia

    Chris - This is wonderful! Unfortunately it's a bit buried by the way Strava prioritizes the rides in one's feed, and the fact that it came at the end of a month. Well done, go Giants!

  14. Gary W.

    you've got skills! very nice!

  15. Eric Lagier

    To think what would have happened if you made a wrong turn...its not really a thing you want to start over with. btw: next time bring a big orange flare and pretend you are the Blue Angels.

  16. Wilson Tai

    Geekin' Out so Hipster!

  17. Bret Lobree

    stalled out at 99 kudos...clearly buried in the feed...or there are a bunch of Giants haters

  18. Irving A.

    Chris you continue take it up a notch .

  19. Chris Phipps

    Doing this ride again on Saturday at 7:30AM at Kezar. Will try and clean up the rough bits a little.

  20. Stephen Touset

    I'll see you there, Chris. I'm doing the 60 hour challenge, so I'll keep my Garmin on the entire time. Will be interesting to see what the "real" version of the ride looks like. :)

  21. Kevin Metcalfe

    You're going to be famous!

  22. Chris Phipps

    Kevin, I'd rather be a national champion. :-)

  23. Didier G.

    You are wonderful Chris!

  24. Stephen Touset

    Won't be there after all. A girl just got shot to death outside my bedroom window. I don't expect I'll be getting much more sleep tonight.

  25. Jonathan R.

    This may be the greatest ride ever! So proud to be a cycling Giants Fan! Well done!

  26. Scott Sehm

    ^^What Jonathan said! Great job Chris!