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LKHC; Kings Mountain Rd.

  • 4.1mi
  • 1,650ft
  • 26:07
    Moving Time
  • 12


  1. Daniel C.
    Daniel Connelly

    NICE, Lisa!!!! Great job today! I can't wait to run results to see how team did, but quite well, I anticipate.

  2. Lisa P.
    Lisa P.

    Thank you Dan! I am so, so glad I was able to find the start in time. I wasn't sure Kings was gonna happen for me today and I would have been completely crushed if I had not been able to compete.

  3. J* D.
    J* Diesel*

    You killed again. Maybe it was better than you rode with the boys. You broke my buddy's heart when you dropped him the last mile though. Ha Ha. As wet and cold as it was, I'm glad I volunteered.8-)

  4. Lisa P.
    Lisa P.

    Thanks JD! I was seriously surprised about that! I dropped the other guy too. so weird, i never do that. My hands were nearly frozen when I reached the top, but the rest of me was fine with the frigid air. Thanks for volunteering! Low Keyers Rock.

  5. Andy C.
    Andy Crews

    Aha. I was very confused when the women's wave started coming in and you didn't seem to be there--based on recent results! This plus Dan's writeup explains it. Nice job.

  6. Lisa P.
    Lisa P.

    I was freezing on Canada and rode faster than the women's group down to warm up. I asked a gal at the grocery store where Kings was and I ended up on Mtn Home Rd, Portola and Hwy 84! Doh; my bad!

  7. Alan W.
    Alan W.

    It looks like you must have picked up someone else’s power meter for a few seconds at the start, hence the strange power reading. I'm sure someone from Strava can strip that data out or I can if you let me know.

  8. Lisa P.
    Lisa P.

    Hi Alan, I accidentally set my Garmin to pick up power data, so that makes sense! It's ok, it doesn't really bother me. Thank you though!