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19/11/2011 Kings Mountain Low-Key Hillclimb (2011 week 8)

  • 47.0km
  • 803m
  • 1:57:32
    Moving Time
  • 1,028


  1. Bob C.

    Anther "sick" time, Dan. Wow. Who won?

  2. Daniel Connelly

    Ryan Sherlock.... 2nd, 1st, 2nd last 3 Irish National Championships in hill climb. Then Pasco, then Lucido, then Adrien Costa (Chipotle-Garmin junior team), then me.... Costa had 2 full bottles and a tool bag (!!!!) really wanted to catch him at end to teach him to not be so confident. But no luck... it went well, clear PR for me.

  3. Bob C.

    OMG, now I know why I suck at climbing. I have two water bottles and tool bag!!!! Actually, I do need better climbing tools...aka known as sticks. Hey, are you just getting faster each year and how do you do it? Your time is phenomenal.

  4. Franz K.

    Dan, another great time. Ryan Sherlock's VAM was unreal, like a Pro.

  5. Paul A.

    Dan, insane climbing, congratulations.

  6. Brian Lucido

    Dan - Nice job today! I'm thinking I need to emulate your 1 mile training rides - you even beat me by 22 "strava Seconds." You're going to be scary in 2012. Muahhhahahaahah!

  7. Kevin Metcalfe

    Dan, you are climbing well this year! Good job.

  8. Daniel Connelly

    Thanks! Kevin: I think my running has helped my climbing this year. Same basic deal: slowly grind out an effort for awhile. Not sure about any other aspects of cycling, however.

  9. Kurt Wallace

    Nicely done!