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National Hill Climb Champs

  • 10.0km
  • 548m
  • 32:27
    Moving Time
  • 563


  1. Paul M.

    Big effort there Colin well done...where did you finish?

  2. Colin O'Brien

    Scouring the web for results... didn't hang around at the finish... :-)

  3. Gary Cooper

    great ride Colin, dont know about the TT, but that would have got you 3rd in the challenge.

  4. Colin O'Brien

    Thanks Gary... Only good enough for 34th in the TT... :-)

    Great event though...

    How did u find it...?

  5. Gary Cooper

    very good, really enjoyed it, well off the pace you set, i was very close to my best though I would have thought. So cant complain. Excellent day. I saw you coming past half way up the climb, I only recognised you after you had gone past. I had red wind cheater on at the time.

  6. Colin O'Brien

    I wondered had we crossed paths at some stage alright... :-)

    One to mark on the calendar again for next year... Though I guess the venue will change...

  7. Gary Cooper

    tralee apparently ?

  8. Colin O'Brien

    Oh oh... I fear the "short" mountain road coming...! :-)