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Montebello Low-key hill climb plus some bonus climbing

  • 46.2mi
  • 5,892ft
  • 3:04:20
    Moving Time
  • 2,500


  1. Paul M.
    Paul Marshall

    Awesome time on the low key Alex! You did great!

  2. Patrick C.
    Patrick Callahan

    Wow, that's super fast - great job Alex and thanks for the encouragement! In the time gap between us, you could have ordered an espresso, sat down and enjoyed the view while sipping it. (If Low Key provided those services) - oh, and then I'd arrive! 8 minutes later!

  3. Patrick C.
    Patrick Callahan

    Look at the picture of James from the Zenfolio album. My god, it's the picture of agony: http://ttlens.zenfolio.com/2012-lkhc-1/h45fa4366#h45fa4a58 Right on James!

  4. Chicken L.
    Chicken L.

    Thanks, Paul and Pat. It was fun climbing with the leaders until the last mile or so, at which point my legs did finally cry uncle. Some of those guys were on 13 lb cheater bikes too! :)

  5. Jean Michel F.
    Jean Michel F.

    You have to use a road bike to get to this times? ;)