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Trespassing on Mark Allan's lawn. In white leg-warmers

  • 121.4km
  • 1,458m
  • 4:44:07
    Moving Time
  • 2,894
  • 140
    Suffer Score


  1. Julian C.
    Julian Cousins

    it should be noted that Will's front derailleur broke early in the ride and left him in the small ring only. on the hills fine, on the flat it looked like a giant hamster ring had been attached to his bike!

  2. Mark A.
    Mark A.

    It might be my lawn, but I haven't been on it for months, it must be full of weeds by now. Prospects of making the ccc in 2 weeks time are not great. Glum.

    But heartily cheered by the thought of you stuck in the small ring!

  3. Will A.
    Will A.

    I'm sure I can fix it by then. And if you don't fancy the whole CCC, how about a trip to the seaside and a train back? Or will the knee complain at even that?

  4. Julian C.
    Julian Cousins

    when you off to the seaside?

  5. Will A.
    Will A.

    20 October. Cycling to Worthing and back.

  6. Bram S.
    Bram Schittecatte

    Is that max speed correct?

  7. Julian C.
    Julian Cousins

    yep I had similar. remember you asking me about max speed a few months ago? same area. some sections that are very steep but not too long and there's a ramp the other side. so if you hold your nerve and don't touch the brakes you really can hit some high speeds if only for a maybe 100m.

  8. Will A.
    Will A.

    Could be. I regularly hit 70 kph plus in the hill south of London so not outrageous though without a big ring slightly implausible.

  9. Bram S.
    Bram Schittecatte

    I'm sure it's possible, but it's rare over here. It'Wze have very few straight downhills around here

  10. Will A.
    Will A.

    And presumably the ones you do have are covered in cobbles? ;-)