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Mt Diablo Challenge 2012

  • 11.0mi
  • 3,324ft
  • 1:09:03
    Moving Time
  • 810
  • 112
    Relative Effort


  1. Greg P

    You trained well and you did well. What an inspiration!

  2. Jon B.

    your dedication to your preparation really paid off, an awesome effort and result, but not surprising since you've been working so hard to acheive this.

  3. Jim Lowers

    Not much more to say... passion and effort..
    2 ingredients that gets your goal...watching has been fun. Congrates.

  4. Michelle Reese

    Give yourself a huge pat on the back. You worked for it, and got it! WTG.

  5. Michael Bonadio

    Awesome ride Trish, I was looking out for you at the top today to congratulate you. I'm so happy for you, watching your rides coming up to this, your dedication is amazing. Well done.

  6. Gordon Reese

    Way to crush it Trish, what a great result!! You have made so many amazing strides with your cycling this season!!

  7. Amy Cameron Mitchell

    Nice job out there Trish and great to see you at the top! I'm with ya, let's find some dirt!