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SF2 Wet Skyline via Bunker Hill + Crash #4 :( Commute #82

  • 52.9mi
  • 2,977ft
  • 3:22:09
    Moving Time
  • 1,825
  • 228
    Suffer Score


  1. Ramesh Baller

    I crashed today. There was some road work & lane closure thing going on in Sand Hill. When I was descending Sand Hill at > 25mph speed, I believe I slightly hit the giant orange sign that had the bike lane closure sign. I went out of control at that speed & I crashed on my own by falling into the car lane. Thankfully the car that was behind me stopped immediately. The rider who was behind me also crashed into me but thankfully nothing happened to him. I didn't get any major injuries as well except for some road rashes in my body, torn bar tape & an unusable new mission cycling kit :(

  2. Hugo A.
    Hugo A.

    glad to read that's the worse that happened. on the bright side, new SF2G kits available :)

  3. Steve Armijo

    the Mission kit might be repairable at a local tailor.

    glad you're ok, next time try not muscling the big orange sign out of the way ;)

  4. Kenneth L.
    Kenneth L.

    Ouch, Ramesh! Get well soon buddy!

  5. Ramesh Baller

    Thanks all for your concern & I really appreciate it. I am likely to take a week off my from bike.

  6. Greg Olson

    Glad you're ok! Crashing is NEVER fun!