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Ordnance 100k by Inside Trail (#2), 7th overall, almost 2 hours faster than last year

  • 61.5mi
  • 7,477ft
  • 10:25:09
    Moving Time
  • 10:31/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 7,109


  1. Loren C.
    Loren Crannell

    That's very impressive. Congrats.

  2. Kap'n Kirk B.
    Kap'n Kirk B.

    Nice run, Mark. It was a great weekend for putting in big miles.

  3. Berenice P.
    Berenice P.

    Looks like you healed nicely!  Amazing!

  4. Michael J.
    Michael Jimenez

    So solid, had me running scared from Creekside AS onward after I took a pit stop and saw you and Kono. Was sweet spending a little time with you, glad you felt better this year, you looked great!

  5. Mark T.
    Mark T.

    Thanks, everyone!  Berenice-- not quite healed, still hurts and probably slows me down some, but no complaints at this point.

  6. Mark T.
    Mark T.

    Michael-- had no idea we got close.  Catching you wasn't quite on my radar.  Great job yourself.  We loved your groupies!

  7. Michael J.
    Michael Jimenez

    Haha, the XC Kids! :)

  8. Mark T.
    Mark T.

    We really enjoyed them and their outfits!